Joining the BridgesAlliance: Whether You're A Current PeopleGrove Partner or Not

This 30 minute webinar (+15 minutes of carry-over Q&A) was hosted live on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. In it, Adam Saven and Mark Macdonald, both of PeopleGrove, describe how Bridges, a project-based solution for improving career development and alumni engagement, can be implemented at institutions of higher education by their making the no-cost choice to join the BridgesAlliance, a collective network of universities banded together to address the issues and opportunities of 2020.

Joining the BridgesAlliance is available to all universities and colleges, regardless of whether they are customers of PeopleGrove's core product offering. Bridges functions best as an integrated component of the core PeopleGrove platform but it can also function as a standalone solution for those institutions which may not yet be ready for the full PeopleGrove platform.

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